Today’s demo. Frustration, food parcels and anger. 

I was a bit anxious about the demo this morning for two reasons. The first being the weather, it looked like the heavens were about to open and Odin was about to pour all his wrath upon us. Secondly, it’s the school holidays and I have to bring my daughter with me. She’s normally very good, but is an active, intelligent girl that can easily become fed up. 

My fears were unfounded though, because the sun shone, it was warm and my daughter was kept busy thanks to my friend Karl and my friend Lel. My friends are wonderful thank you. 

As I arrived so did the food parcels. it wasn’t a long wait, and Roy dropped them off. He’s amazing. He used to work for Citizens Advice amongst other organisations and is now retired, although I don’t think that he has much spare time! 

I had noticed a lady that we hadn’t seen for a few weeks waiting across the way for a food parcel. I had been worried about her, but she assured me that she was ok. She took a food parcel and I double checked that she is getting all the advice and support locally that she needs. She said that she was, but she’s very quiet and isn’t too happy taking to new people. I will try and help her with this though. 
I spoke to a man that said that he needed a food parcel. He said that he was on the verge of becoming homeless and was caught up in a mess that he feels that he can’t see a way out of. He would only speak to me, and as well as offer him a food parcel, I asked him to go straight to a local drop in to see if he can get some extra support and help. He told me that he would, but I’m not sure if he did. I can only try my best to help people to engage. 
I spoke to a lady who is struggling with her Universal Credit payments. She’s waiting for her first payment to arrive and they keep changing dates and payment amounts. The poor woman doesn’t know if she is coming or going. They have told her that she will most likely receive her money in two weeks time, but two weeks without money can seem like a lifetime especially when you have children. She’s also having trouble with her child benefit payments. 

She is getting advice from our local Citizens advice Bureau, but I also signposted her to another local organisation. I really hope that she went to see them, but once again, I can’t force anyone. If they don’t know them they might not trust them. The whole DWP system makes them feel this way. 

As I was handing leaflets out and advising people, two men dressed very smartly walked towards the doors of the Jobcentre. I asked them if they were from any agency etc, and they replied that they wern’t but they investigate fraud cases. 

It was then that I recognised one of these men. I had taken a lady for an appointment at the Jobcentre under the guise of checking that she was recieving the correct benefits. When we were sat at the table I noticed that on the top of his letter, it said fraud in big letters. Of course I immediately questioned this because I knew that without a doubt that this lady had never committed any kind of benefit fraud, or crime in her life. I asked him about why she was there for fraud when her letter said a benefit check. I also asked him for any evidence of any so called fraud. Of course he couldn’t answer me, he went on to say that he would do a benefit check, which he did and she was claiming everything that she was entitled to. I knew this of course. 

Watch out for this folks, this is how they can catch you out, especially innocent vulnerable people. Always take a witness with you to any such meetings and make a full record of the conversation, either written of verbally recorded also. Don’t let them catch you out. I’ve seen too many peoples lives destroyed in this way. 

On their way out of the building he looked at me and gave me a glare, which was ok, because I was already glaring at him.

We also handed food parcels out to people that don’t want to be mentioned, but their struggle was real. They are very brave in the shadow of adversity and are the true heroes of this world. 
Towards the end of our demo a lady walked up to a colleague shouting at him. We had never seen her before. She was an elderly lady who was very obviously fed up with the system. She went on to rant about scroungers etc etc. Whilst I cannot sympathise with the words that she spoke, I can understand why she is angry. 

The town that we live in has been run down so much it was unrecognisable to a 70yr old man that we spoke to today. He had just returned back to England from South Africa where he had lived for many years. He told us that he didn’t recognise the place. It’s awful he said, no wonder young people have no hope. They’ve got nothing to look forward to, no chance of a decent job, no chance of anything. He said when an area looks run down and uncared for so do the people living there. I totally agree with this. 
The government has systematically destroyed communities, are not supporting people adequately in their time of need and cut a person’s lifeline off when they decide to sanction them. 

We can’t as a country carry on like this for much longer, something will have to give way, and the government realises this. 

When it’s time to vote folks, use your vote wisely. I can’t stress how important that this is. 

A massive thank you to everyone that managed to join us today. It was a very slow start, but I’m so happy that you all arrived. Thank you so much. 

Thanks to my daughter for taking the photos. She’s fab. 

Please share and talk about this blog as much as possible. A lot of people still have no idea of what life is like for people having to endure signing on and claiming any type of benefit. It’s heartbreaking having to share these stories every week, and often we return home upset and frustrated. 

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Blackberry Crumble. Frugal and almost free to make! 

it’s that time of the year again, time to harvest the free fruit that grows around us. 

Blackberries grow almost everywhere, even in urban areas and they are a delight that we should all take advantage of. 

They are high in vitamins, and if you can’t afford to buy fruit and vegetables from a supermarket or shop, you can pick these for free. 

Children love eating these whilst picking and my daughter always eats more than we take home. 

There are lots of things that can be made from Blackberries. Jam, Cake, Crumble, Wine, Cordial. The list goes on and on. 

Yesterday, because the sun was shining for a change and I’m skint and didn’t have anything sweet at home, we decided that we would go Blackberry picking and make some Blackberry crumble when we returned home. 

This is how I make it, everyone has their own tastes and therefore the recipe can be adjusted to suit yours. My reciepe is very basic. 

It’s important to wash your Blackberries after picking and to soak them in a very diluted solution of salt and water. This helps any bugs and debris  that might be lurking to float to the top. I’ve never come across any bugs, but I keep up the tradition of doing this. Call me old fashioned, but if it was good enough for my grandparents to do then I will follow suit. 

After soaking place in a dish of your choice. It doesn’t have to be a fancy one. The one that I use is an old lasagne one left over from the days when I could afford to cook lasagne. You can use any dish that’s suitable for the oven. 

Once in the dish, sprinkle with normal granulated sugar to taste. If you have a sweet tooth add more, if not add less. I also added Cinnamon mainly because we like the taste and for the various health properties that it has. 

Time to make the topping. 

My daughter and put as much flour as we thought would be needed to cover the top in a bowl. Yes, we played it by eye. We like a lot of topping and I’m really bad at using exact measurements. 

I grated enough cold butter to mix and bind the four together so it resembles sand once finished. Again we used guesswork and I’m hopeless with measurements. 

I also added some sugar and cinnamon. Just enough to make it nice and sweet. 

My daughter then placed the topping on top of the Blackberries. She likes to make a pattern on the top. She’s ten years old and it’s a good sensory activity for her. This did take her some time to perfect her pattern!

Ready to put in the oven. 

I placed it in the oven at gas mark 5, 375f and 191c. 

I watched it and took it out when it looked ready. It really wasn’t in the oven long therefore not using much energy up. 

The finished creation. 

This can be ate on its own, with custard (the packet custard is really good with this), and if you can afford it it can be ate with cream and Icecream also. 

To make this a vegan dish just replace the butter with a vegan equivalent. 

Happy eating! And don’t forget to look out for the blackberries. 

I’m harvesting some cherries from a friends cherry tree today, and will also be harvesting some Sloe berries to make some christmas presents with. 

Free food given to us by nature is the best food! Enjoy! 

Todays demo, desperate people and a visit from Ray Woolford, author of the book Food Bank Britain.

I’ve just returned home from our weekly demo feeling a bit elated instead of deflated. That makes a change these days.

To start with the weather was wonderful, not raining and a bit sunny which always makes things easier. Not only for us, but for the people having to use the Jobcentre. There’s nothing worse than the rain and cold weather, and we get lots of both.

Roy arrived early with the food parcels, which was fab because it’s nice not to be standing alone, and because they are needed straight away. People are waiting for them which is a sad indictment of the governments attitude towards the poor.

As we were setting up, I spotted a lady and her young child stood at the corner of the Jobcentre. She was looking at the food parcels, and she looked a bit lost. I walked over to her, handed her a leaflet and asked her if she was ok. She wasn’t ok, no surprise there sadly. She’s going through a traumatic time at the moment and her money had been stopped due to no fault of her own.

I had a chat with her, signposted her to relevant organisations and handed her a food parcel to keep both her and her child going. She was so happy to receive this and at least she knows that she has some food to tide her and her child over.

Two of my friends surprised me today and arrived unexpected at the demo. Karl walked over with a nice cup of coffee for myself, which I shared with Roy. How nice was that of him. Little things like that mean a lot because the work that we do is hard and it gives us hope.

My friend Lel arrived showing compassion and solidarity. She brought her little boy who is adorable and it was a joy to see them both.

I spoke to a man who to be honest had just had enough. He told me that he had total solidarity with us all because he knows that we are telling the truth. He went on to say that he had worked all his life, but sadly had become ill. He had lost part of one leg, and the toes off his other leg. He didn’t want a food parcel, he just wanted to chat.

He said that it is wrong that people are targeted because they become ill, disabled and fall on hard times. That’s what we pay our national insurance for he said, and he’s correct.

He told us how unfair he thinks the ESA medicals are and told of the struggle that his friend has recently been through. His friend had attended their medical, and despite several illnesses had been refused their ESA payments. They are appealing though and have been signposted to the relevant organisations that will help with that. We never leave anyone without the necessary information and help. Today, this gentleman just needed someone to listen to because he feels marginalised and discriminated against, which he is of course.

Then Ray Woolford arrived. What an amazing campaigner, activist, author and all round good person he is. He had travelled all the way from London but yet it felt like \I had known him for forever. We do chat on Twitter though, maybe that’s why, or maybe it’s because we take the same stance on issues.

He is the author of the book Food Bank Britain, and I will put a link to it at the bottom of the blog. It’s a must read and I urge anyone that can afford to buy it to buy it.

Ray arrived bearing gifts. He brought a big flask for keeping drinks warm which we have needed for a long time now. It gets very cold outside the Jobcentre so now we can offer a warm drink to people, so thank you Ray. Also he gifted us a hi vis vest, both are given in the memory of an amazing campaigner, Christine Archibald, who was killed in the London Bridge terror attack. She was an amazing lady, who was a support worker for the homeless and her work will never be forgotten #chrissysentus

Even though Ray is based in London, we are experiencing the same issues, although we have experienced Universal credit for a lot longer than most areas. It was amazingly good to talk about these issues, and discuss and share ideas etc.

Ray you are a legend thank you so much.

Some of the food parcels were handed out to people who wanted to remain anonymous and I respect that. They are struggling supporting themselves and family members. Some are working and suffering  because of the benefit cap. It’s a very hard position to be in, because they are working they can find it hard to find help. But they were signposted and given food.

I spoke to a couple of WASPI ladies again, this time different women, both suffering as a result of not being able to claim their rightful pension. They have been shown a massive injustice and I really hope that they get their pensions.

I spoke to a young man who is receiving help from local organisations, so we just chatted and let him know that we are there for him to chat to as well. He’s doing so well and is a lovely young man.

Another young man shouted over to us saying that what we are saying is true, and that we should keep up the good work. He went on to tell me that he had just witnessed a lady being badly treated by her Jobcentre advisor after receiving a sanction. So I waited for her to leave, gave her a food parcel and signposted her to relevant organisations. I hope that I showed her some hope on such an awful day for her.

It’s hard to describe everything that we do in the space of two hours, but we do a lot. And we do our best to help everyone.

Today we had a good morale boost, made a new friend and helped lots of people. This is what we do best and whilst people still continue to need the help we will be there for them.

Please, if you are local to the Manchester area, come and say hello. We would love to meet you.

Many thanks to everyone that came along today, and to Steph who also made a special journey today. It is appreciated.

I am furious that the government treats people like this, but it’s expected from a Tory government. They care only for themselves, and unless a poorer person is of some value to them they will deprive them of their basic needs, humiliate them and degrade them. This is because this government does not hold any value on a working class person’s life unless they can make some money out of them.

Here is the link for Ray’s book.

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A hard morning. A man crying, rain pouring. It’s supposed to be August.

I’m not going to bother you with talking about the weather, I’ve said it in today’s blog title. It was raining AGAIN. Will we ever get a break, and have some good weather for once? My heart went out to Richard, a homeless chap who I buy a cuppa for most mornings and chat to. We always put the world to rights. He deserves a medal, such a nice man who has unfortunately fallen on hard times.

Gordon, who normally drops the food parcels off is currently unwell, get well soon Gordon! We missed you today! So Roy collected them also. He’s not feeling 100% well either, nor am I but we plod on and thank you so much, Roy, for your help and dedication.



The food parcels went to people who had no food or very little through no fault of their own. it’s extremely hard to manage on the meagre amount of money that the government provides, that is, if you haven’t been sanctioned or refused your rightful claim of ESA. People still have to pay the bedroom tax and the council tax supplement. They also might have debts to pay, gas and electric to buy. The list never ends does it?



I spoke to a man who had been made homeless due to no fault of his own. He was living in very sub standard accommodation and had complained about it. The landlord then made the decision to evict him. I’m not sure about the exact details, but I do know that he hadn’t received adequate advice regarding how to claim housing benefit etc. If we had met him previously we would have done so.

He started to cry and went on to tell me that yes he does drink, but not to get drunk. Just enough to stop getting ill. “I’m 47 years old, I never expected that I would be living like this. I had a home, a life. I worked. Now I’m treated like crap and only a few care”

He took his phone out of his pocket and showed me the photos of his previous accommodation. To say it was disgusting is a massive understatement. No one should be forced to live like this and my heart went out to him.

We did signpost him to relevant organisations, and he assured us that he will work with them the best that he can do.



I said hello to a man that I’ve seen in my local area for a few years now. He’s a refugee and has managed to get permanent residence to stay and work in the UK.  His advisor is giving him a hard time though, most likely because his English is poor and from experience, they do target people with a poor grasp of the English vocabulary.

They have had him on daily signing on appointments for a long time now, he hasn’t been told why but he has to attend or get sanctioned. When a person is put on daily signings they are given a special card that gets them into the Jobcentre quickly. I would say a get out of jail card, but it’s more like a get in jail card. They told him that he wasn’t allowed to show anyone the card but I saw it. Their excuse is that it’s the property of the DWP. No, it’s not. If the gentleman has to carry this with him every day, then it’s his property. He can show who he likes when he likes.

Look out for people having to carry these cards. They are a sign that the person carrying it has been singled out for some reason, so it’s always worth asking them.



I spoke to an older gentleman who had been refused his ESA. I offered him help, but he is a man on a mission and was adamant that he will be appealing and he has it in hand. So hopefully he has, and hopefully, he will overturn that decision, as so many rightfully do.



I spoke to a young lad who has managed to find a bed at a local homeless hostel. He’s trying his best to sort his life out and to get on top of his mental health issues. It’s not going to be easy living there, but I could tell from what he was saying that he will do it.



We saw far too many older people forced to use the Jobcentre today, one man, in particular, looked very ill but didn’t want to speak to anyone. That place does that to you. The system can make a person shy away and become wary of society. They are treated like rubbish by their so called advisors, so expect the same from everyone else.



Once again, far too many WASPI women forced to use the Jobcentre and also far too many women with very young children. This also breaks my heart.



There were only four of us there today, I and Roy were on our own for a good while. It was tough, heartbreaking and stressful, but we will always be there to help others. They need the support.


Today should have been our 4th anniversary, but I made the decision to postpone our special demo because we have guests from other campaigns coming to visit in several weeks and I would like it to coincide with their arrival.


I couldn’t take photos because I left the big camera at home due to the rain, and the phone I’m using is rubbish so please forgive me. I am trying to rectify this though.

I’m tired, a tad fed up but I won’t stop helping those in need because their journey is far harder than mine.



Please donate help keep the blog and campaign going if you can. If not please share. It’s important that we keep talking about this all the time. This has become a full-time job for myself, and anyone spending any time with me will attest to that.

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The Tories are in charge and the country is in a mess. 

We are now into our second term of having a Tory government. I, amongst many cried again when they won the last general election, just like I did the time before. My immediate thoughts were that they were going to ruin this country and to destroy the poor. I really wasn’t wrong was I? 

I remember living under Thatchers rule or “that woman” as we had to call her. Her name couldn’t be uttered in our house. My father lost his job as a steel worker and as a result he became unemployed. I remember having no decent shoes to wear, all had holes underneath that I used to fill with cardboard. But that wasn’t unusual then, most of my friends did the same thing. 

I remember food bring short, and my mother managing to spread a small amount of food between us all. I remember the coal strikes and the blackouts that went with them. But along with that I remember that they were doing the right thing and sitting round a candle at night wasn’t so bad. Even now I remember the miners and their struggle. They had a terrible time. But their struggle instilled in me the thought of never giving up. 

As I got older I remember the massive marches against the Iraq war. A war that should never have happened, but it did and thousands of innocent life’s were lost. If you haven’t seen the film we are many I suggest you watch it. 

 It’s fantastic. I realised then that war is wrong, well I already realised that but it enforced my view. 

But today we have a different war going on. We have a war against the poor, the disabled, the sick, the vulnerable, the nurses, the doctors, the NHS, the students, the older people, women nearing retirement age, the elderly, and the planet. This war is happening around us everyday and their command office is parliament. Indeed a war is being gaged against parliament itself by the Tories. No one, and I mean no one is safe. 

The poor and the disabled were the first to be targeted. After all it’s easier to attack someone when they are already down. We first had the council tax supplement and the bedroom tax thrown at us. How dare someone have a spare room or a room that a child over 19 is sleeping in? It’s simply not allowed. Then we had the work capability assessments, the gods of ATOS declaring everyone fit for work. Maximus are now helping ATOS and are behaving much the same way. Not content with that the government now want to take a further 2 million people off the sick and into none existent jobs. The DWP will be working alongside GPs into “assisting” people into work. The scheme is on trial now and as we know trials never stay as a trial they end up becoming a permanent fixture. 

The unemployed have had universal credit thrown at them. This was coincided with the implementation of new rules stating 35 hours a week job search alongside your “voluntary” (workfare ) work. Usually at a charity shop like Barnardos. To add to this we have endless punitive sanctions and Jobcentre staff becoming bullies and ogres to their clients. 

We’ve had junior doctors striking for the first time against the governments new, unreasonable contracts. We already have a 24 hour NHS, but it seems that the government don’t realise this. They want our junior doctors to work longer hours than they do already which will put patients at risk. 

Nurses are threatening to go on strike and let’s not forget the dismantling of our precious NHS. We only have about 1/3 left of the NHS and we need to fight to keep it. Virgin care have already won a bid to run a part of the NHS and sadly this is the way it will continue. Hospitals are being either shut down or scaled down. I know my local hospital is being scaled down. Mix that with our devolution plans, and it could be a reciepe for disaster.

We’ve got young people demonstrating outside parliament. Yet more of their grant system is being taken away. Many won’t be able to afford to study anymore. It’s plain wrong, but the Tories want to make education elitist again. 

We also have women who should be reaching retirement age bring told that they can’t retire. I’ve met some of these women and their stories are shocking. But they’ve got a good campaign going and I fully support them. 

They want to frack under our houses without permission. That could be catastrophic. You only have to look at Australia and America to see how dangerous this is. 

We’ve got China taking over our steel production. Making more jobless and believe me China will produce sub standard steel. It’s wrong, just wrong. No wonder Mr Cameron was so welcoming to the Chinese minister when he arrived in our country.

And let’s not forget that this governments long term economic plan is to make our country bankrupt. 

Single parents have been targeted time and time again. Obscene job seeking rules being implemented and the constant lowering of the return to work age. The story party just don’t understand that young children need their parents. It’s a concept they don’t really understand. Maybe that’s because they ship their children off to boarding school as soon as possible. It’s never been harder to be a single parent.

For the first time ever there will be no investment in social housing. To add more injury to this they are building so called affordable homes that will not be affordable to most. They’ve also sneaked in a bill to ensure that the bad private landlords can rip their tenants off even more and the laws that previously enforced them to keep their homes in a liveable conditions have been loosened. Ensuring that it won’t be long before we once again have cellar dwellings etc like we had in Victorian times. 

There’s so much more I could write about, and I apologise if I’ve missed anything out. 
But one things certain our country is being destroyed right before our eyes and there’s not enough of us fighting against this. They will not stop until they destroy everything that they dislike. Which will most likely be everyone apart from themselves. 

Please join us and fightback against this massive injustice thrown upon us. We need your support. Do whatever you can to raise awareness. Object to what they are doing. Join a trade union, join protests. Help us to make Britain great again before they totally destroy it. 

Says it all doesn’t it. 

Committed suicide because of a wonga loan. 

It’s true this government is driving people to take out loans with unscrupulous money lenders and pay day loan companies such as Wonga etc. I live on a council estate and there are always money lenders putting leaflets through doors or knocking on doors. People are so desperate for loans to buy basic things and white goods if they break down. Long gone are the days when you could ask the DWP for a loan and local authorities have had their funds cut so drastically that they can’t offer a white good service either. 

Now this leaves people in a desperate situation. Let’s say their fridge or cooker breaks down. They need a replacement but they don’t have the ready cash to buy one to hand. This is when companies like Brighthouse and Perfect Home seem so attractive. They offer white goods, settees and televisions at what seem like reasonable weekly repayments. But these repayments quickly mount up. The staff persuade you that you can afford more than you can. The debt soon becomes out of control and before they know it more or less all of your money is being given to these unscrupulous companies. 

Desperation sets in and vulnerable people can often take desperate action. Suicides, attempted suicide can occur because they can see no way out. They are hounded daily by companies such as Brighthouse and Wonga. It’s a horrible feeling. There’s nowhere to turn they feel. 

This young man had everything to look forward to in life. He wanted a new start took a loan out and didn’t realise that they would empty his bank account to take back a repayment. He was very vulnerable and the pressure was too much. 

Rest in peace Kane. Your death will be sadly remembered and actions to prevent this happening again will be taken. The coroner was clearly disturbed by this and he is taking this matter up. 

Full details can be found on the Manchester evening news website. 

Of course this suits the government well. These companies are often owned by tax dodging bosses and they also take the pressure of this government. It’s a win win situation for them. So what if someone commits suicide. They don’t care we are just a number to them. 

I apologise for not updating my blog lately. My life has been very stressful lately and my daughter is in hospital fighting a tumour behind her eye. 

Because of this I have seen the best and the worst of treatment offered by the NHS. I’ve seen how drastically underfunded they are and how much a struggle it is for the nurses and doctors. Please support the NHS it is the backbone of this country and we need to fight to save what is left of our NHS. 

Donations towards my blog are most gratefully received. Writing this blog takes time away from my paid work but it is important that I keep blogging.

Disgusted. Please read. Learning difficulties? No problem.. The DWP will stick you on the work programme. 

Today I was waiting for the bus home with my daughter when I bumped into an old school friend. I hadn’t seen her for a long while so we had a lot of catching up. She has learning difficulties and she struggled through school not passing any exams as there wasn’t the support in schools then as there is now. 

When she left school the social security department as it was called then were very sympathetic. They encouraged her to be on the sick as they called it because her options for work were limited. They also encouraged her to take up voluntary work to improve her social skills and to give her a focus. As a result she was volunteering for a local organisation off her own back and did so for 24 years. She loved it and thought she would never have to leave. Then the Tories got elected.

She was told at a Jobcentre interview that she had to start claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance. They also told her that she had to leave the place where she had volunteered for so long and volunteer at a place of their approval. She was very upset, but did it because they had told her to. Before anyone states that she shouldn’t have done this  I must add that she didn’t feel that she could. In her eyes what they say goes and she hasn’t got a lot of self confidence.

She started on the work programme and was given the usual countless tasks that everyone is given. She struggled through it but managed and lasted the full two years without a sanction. Her love of routine and checking her actions constantly helped her. She said it drained her but because a job wasn’t found they were sending her to a work programme in manchester. She has to sign on there every week instead of the local Jobcentre and has to borrow money off family to get there. Her family have no money either. She can’t comprehend why they won’t send her to the local Jobcentre, and I did try to explain but it was too complicated for her to understand. What they say goes she says, it’s not right but it’s how she sees things.

Whilst attending the work programme so far she says that she has applied for 424 jobs and only 2 prospective employers got back to her. She finds this difficult to understand. She said why don’t people have manners?  I agree with her on this issue, even an automated reply would do. I tried to explain. 

She’s now stuck in a so called voluntary position at a local charity and I’m disgusted that this charity are using workfare, using free labour and gaining financially at the cost of vulnerable people is never good in my eyes. She has to attend everyday but she cares for her mother one day a week. The Jobcentre have told her to stop doing this, the workfare placement must come first. In this lovely ladies eyes and my eyes also her mum does come first. She’s very old now and needs her shopping taken care off etc. I did try to explain about carers allowance but she didn’t understand, she is so confused but she did say to me that she stuck up for herself in the Jobcentre and said no. I really do hope that she doesn’t get sanctioned for this. 

In my eyes this lady should not be in this position at all. Yes she can do work that isn’t challenging but she’s got a lot of difficulties and just tries to do her best and to live independently. The DWP have knowingly taken advantage of a very vulnerable lady and made her already difficult life even harder. She told me that she never used to drink because it’s bad, but she has started to. The reason  why? Because she is so stressed she’s finding life very difficult. 

There must be thousands of people like this lady being victimised by the DWP. She should be able to live her life in peace, but the DWP and the Tory government have put a stop to this. Please spare a thought for everyone in this position. Please don’t judge anyone because they may appear a little different than yourself. Everyone has a heart, everyone has feelings. Of course we know this but the Tories ignore this. Why? Because they sold their souls to to the gods of capitalism, tyranny and bankers many years ago. 

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